Europe by train, everything about advantages


Are you interested in touring the old continent? Would you like to know ancient castles and magnificent cathedrals? May I invite you to visit well-known cities as Paris, Madrid, London and more? Let me recommend you how to do it: travel through Europe by train and you will never forget the wonderful experience.

But, what are the train advantages? It reaches anywhere. If you have plans to go to small towns around the mountains or in the middle of nowhere, the best option to get them is this way of transportation. Europe was built by and to use these vehicles, especially in the cases of minor settlements that do not have access to buses much less airplanes.

The second advantage is the punctuality. Trains arrive on time 90% of the occasions on average, while airplanes are merely 68% to 78%. In all the trips that a famous traveler and blogger made he can remember several times that a flight has been delayed or canceled but the only opportunity he recalls this happens in the railroad was in India. Europe is proud of its modern and reliable system.

Next is its replacement simplicity. If you miss a flight you had to go through the tedium of having to change it or being assigned to a new plane. On our described means of transportation this does not happen, if you cancel a train, find and get another is very simple and most likely is almost immediately, mainly in major destinations where one leaves practically every hour.

Other benefits of the rail system include you can have a bed to sleep comfortably; you do not have to worry about traffic jams in the cities because the stations usually are in downtown and it is possible to go walking to the hotels around; the views are spectacular; you might take the food with you, eat in a decent table and stretch your legs during the trips.

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